Settling In

We’ve been here in Sydney almost a month. Time flies, really. In that time, we have moved from our temporary service apartment into an airy apartment in Waverton, and bought a nice used car (Paddy the Passat!).

People say we’ve moved fast. Not really, when we think in terms of months left in this (current) two year stint. Maybe it’s rather that life moves slower here, as I’ve discovered to my utmost consternation today running all over the city trying to update our bank accounts, set up electricity, transfer the car registration, and set up internet. Everything depended on a proof of address, via a bank statement or utility bill, which proved almost impossible to get since we only just changed addresses, but we need things set up now!

Trying to get internet up and running was the most trying of all.

If there is one thing I hate about Australia (and it is the only thing really) – and a complain everyone around us has roundly echoed – is the paucity of good internet providers and accessibility. Most of the networks we found online said they don’t service our area. TPG initially said they did, happily pocketed our money, then said oops Telstra, which provides their lines, said they were out of available connections.

I’m working from home now and starting at 5am when everywhere else is still closed (the library only opens at 9am), and desperately need internet connection. I have tried using my phone as a hotspot, but for whatever reason, remote desktoping is an unbelievable suck of data. Within a few hours, I’d already gone through 1gb of my precious 3gb/month allocation.

So I tried going to Optus and then Vodafone to see if I could get a mobile broadband plan with a more generous data package. Optus offered a measly 12gb for $90. Seriously!? Vodafone at least had 25gb for $90, but then needed all sorts of identification which I was hard pressed to provide, having only just moved to my new address a day ago.

Long story short, a drawn out impression of a headless chicken flapping haplessly around and six hours of literally back and forth around the city later, I finally managed to get the lousy mobile broadband. Don’t think it would suffice my needs though, and it seriously stinks having to have to worry about data usage in this age and day!

Thankfully though, Jeff’s boss has kindly offered me the use of their office space. I will take up that offer, even if it is a little bit odd to be there, but I will concentrate on what I need to get done rather than fussing about the ticking meter.

I guess the rant about the internet has taken me away a little bit from the point of the post, on settling in. But it has been the source of most of my stress the past two week!

Hopefully, I can move on from this now, and focus on checking off other items on my settling-in list. Looming over everything else at this point is finding a job. I need to get focused on it, if only because I will go crazy having too much time on my hands after March. Plus, even though I’m more of an introvert, I am not my own best company; I need to meet other people here! And as a final incentive, I really want to buy my own kayak so I can go paddling whenever (we’ve access to the marina just a couple minutes from our place)!


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