Great Opera Hits on a Sunday Afternoon @ the Sydney Opera House

Great Opera Hits

Early Sunday evening, we went to the Sydney Opera House for a concert featuring some of Australia’s opera singers.

The outside of the Opera House is one of the world’s most iconic, and impressive looking, which is why I was surprised that the Joan Sutherland Theatre seemed so intimate. I’m not complaining by any means, since our stall seats put us right up in front close to the stage. It was wonderful!

Guy Noble, the host and also the pianist accompanying the singers, was delightful. He joked and laughed with us as he introduced the singers onto stage, and gave a brief discourse on their arias. The selection were the popular hits, like Figaro’s ‘Largo al factotum’, the ‘Habanera’ from Carmen, the Toreador’s Song also from Carmen, and the series of arias and duets from Puccini’s Boheme. All very approachable and fun. Some in the audience couldn’t resist tapping their feet to the Toreador’s Song, and afterwards Guy led the baritone, a most sporting Luke Gabbedy, and the audience, into repeating the chorus from the aria, complete with feet stomping.

At the end, we had an encore, which Guy coached us to yell and cheer for, then everyone – the entire audience and the singers, sang to Brindisi in La Traviata. It was awesome!


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