Another morning, sunrise and other thoughts


Got up before sunrise as usual to check in with work in Chicago. While on the phone, I peeked outside and saw faint blushes of pink clouds overhead. So I grabbed my pocket camera, and strode out the door, to the marina at the foot of the hill – while still on the phone. I lucked out. For a fleeting moment, the sun lit up the puffs of clouds into gorgeous orange and pink hues.

Anyway, we’ve been at our new address for over a week now. Still awaiting our shipment from Chicago, but it’s interesting to see how we’ve managed to adapt to a minimalist lifestyle. We’ve been making do with just the bare minimum of furniture – a bed, a table and a couple of chairs. I miss sprawling out on the couch though… I think we’re innately too much of pack rats to be able to subscribe to this lifestyle long term. I mean, we just went out to buy some patio furniture – an outdoor dining set and a lounge set.

Remarkably, we’ve also managed to make home cooked meals with just a large stir fry pan. I definitely miss making my soup noodles that’s for sure, and I think Jeff misses eating rice, but it shows really how little we need to keep a comfortable life. Then again, that’s what we did back in Uni, where we whipped up multi course meals with nothing more than a little electric pot, in the bathroom. Hah.


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