Sunday Surprise: Seaplane to Palm Beach

Sunday: Jeff made me reschedule a lunch but was very mysterious about the activity that he had organized to replace it. Just be prepared to be out the full day, and bring your swimmers. There may be kayaking.

Oooh. I was afire with curiosity when at 830am, we took the train into the city and then caught the ferry to Rose Bay. Were we going sailing, to some island for a spot of kayaking? Or deep sea fishing?

Nope, we were flying a seaplane! To Palm Beach, all the way at the tip of Northern Sydney!


When the pilot asked for a volunteer to squeeze into the front of the cockpit with him, I volunteered at once. It was really cool – flying along the craggy and windy coastlines of Manly and beyond. The scenery was just spectacular; those occupants living in the mansions sprawled along the coastlines just have the most breathtaking views.


Although it would have taken us an hour to drive up to Palm Beach, we arrived in style in just 20 minutes by seaplane.

We took a picnic lunch of olives and sundried tomato pasta and muffins in the shade of a tree along the beachfront, then lathered up the sunscreen for a 10km kayaking exploration of Pittwater. It was hot, but happily we had the spray of seawater from our paddling to cool us down.


Afterwards, we had a bit of time before the seaplane picked us back up, so we strolled to the tip of the hammer-head shaped Barrenjoey Peninsula, and up the to lighthouse where we were afforded gorgeous views of the calm waters of Pittwater vs. the raging surf along North Palm Beach.


Making our way slowly back to the boathouse, we dipped our toes in the surf at North Palm Beach and marveled at the surfers and kite surfers.



And then it was time to head back. Another glorious day out in the sun!



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