Kayaking Wrecks of Homebush Bay

Wreck of Homebush Bay by Brent Pearson

Wreck of Homebush Bay by Brent Pearson

Sunday: We were originally signed up for a walk of the Blue Mountains with one of the meetup groups, but at the last minute, Jeff had to catch up on work. I didn’t really want to take the drive myself and so instead decided spontaneously to join the kayaking meetup group on a paddle of Homebush Bay along the Parramatta River.

Another stunningly blue and hot day (although, as I write, the weather has suddenly turned. Thick billowing clouds are churning overhead, kicking up swirls of dry leaves) out on the water. We were going to see the famed wrecks of Homebush Bay.

In 1966, the Maritime Services Board set up a shipwreck yard to house old ships that had served the first and second world wars. These vessels are now shells of their former glory. Most rest partially submerged in river, with mangrove trees taking root on rusted iron hulls. We glided amongst them silently, as if in respect to their age and service. Check out this article that speaks more about the history of each ship.

Good short workout. After, we mingled for a bit at the pizza place down the street.


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