A Tale of No Internet

Trying to get internet in Australia is worse than talking to Comcast back in the States. Who would have thought? But so it is.

We’ve been trying for the past 6 weeks to get Internet. Paid one provider for a modem and right before they came to set up service, they said oops, there are no more available pipes in your area. It then took another 3 weeks for them to refund us the money.

Found provider #2. Took them 3 weeks to come out. Attempt #1: “We came but no one was home”. Er hello no one rang the doorbell. Attempt #2: “Oh your work order doesn’t specify the unit number. We have to change it before we can install”. Attempt #3: No one came by; I had the door propped open. Waited on the phone for over an hour before I was finally patched through. Then waited again while they tried to hunt down the dispatch unit. And what do you know? They said, oh the same crew came out again this morning but no one was home. Hello? If it was the same crew, they would have known where our front door was – and it was open!

I had lost my cool with the operator after attempt #1, but kept it this time since I’ve more or less lost faith in the whole process. This hapless operator told me that the earliest he could reschedule was for March 23, but I pressed him to escalate up to his supervisor. Another 10 minutes later, we managed to set a fourth attempt for this Friday. So, developing story. We’ll see, but at this juncture, I’m no longer holding my breath.


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