A Short South Coogee Stroll

Last Sunday afternoon, itching for something to do outside, we decided to head over to Coogee for a short stroll before taking a dip in Wylie’s Pool.

Coogee was definitely a lot more crowded than the first time we visited, especially since it was early morning then and drizzly. It was a glorious day out this time, and the ocean a brilliant blue, filled with surfers and swimmers.

We elected to walk south of Coogee instead, a choice that led us away from the crowds. The view was still spectacular though, and we wondered if the lucky occupants of the luxurious cliff-side homes ever tired of it.

Mar 2015 Coogee Walk-11

Mar 2015 Coogee Walk-3
A swimmer at Wylie’s Bath braving the surf at high tide

Mar 2015 Coogee Walk-4

Afterwards, we hopped in for a bit of a swim in Wylie’s Baths. Heh this was our first time swimming in a tidal pool, and we weren’t sure what to expect. Certainly not clumps of insidious sea urchins lying about the rocky floor! What was super duper cool though, was the octopus I saw swimming along with me as I stroked my way down the outer edge of the pool. When I dove deeper to have a look, it wedged itself into a crevice, where it stayed for quite a while. I returned to the spot a few more times in between my laps, just to peer again at it winking its suckers at me. 🙂 Now that our stuff from Chicago has finally arrived, including our snorkel gear, we can’t wait to check out more tidal pools. Jeff’s gonna bring his wetsuit and skin suit the next time though; the 22 deg waters was too chilly for him!


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