A swimming, kayaking, and snorkeling weekend

The weather forecast this weekend was somewhat iffy. We weren’t going to let that stop us though. Late afternoon Saturday, we put on our swimmers and headed south to Marouba to check out the tidal pool, Mahon Pool.

The pool itself isn’t large, but wow, is that location gorgeous! The tide was in, so the crashing waves against the rocks into the pool made for a dramatic setting. The water was very brisk, so we kept on the move. After about a half hour though, we quickly toweled off as the sun had started to lose its intensity and a strong breeze picked up. Please don’t let summer be really over yet!

Drove down to La Perouse, where we were meeting some friends for dinner at Driftwood by the Bay. Had a bit of time before sundown, so we walked over to Bare Island again. Haha, again, there was a whole group of wedding and engagement couples scattered about the island, posing this way and that for their teams of photographers and lighting crew. We enjoyed a short stroll around, then lounged at the restaurant and watched the sun set over yet another beautiful day in Sydney.

Mar 2015 La Perouse-15

It was very overcast Sunday morning when we woke up, but we felt hopeful as we made the hour drive up to Clareville near Palm Beach. The sun did peek out intermittently through the clouds though. Small meetup group today, with an even mix of rentals and BYO kayaks.

Mar 2015 Palm Beach Kayak-5

Alas, it was quite gusty out on the water today. Combined with the fact that some members of the group were completely new to kayaking, meant that we abandoned the plan to paddle up to Palm Beach. Instead, we made do with paddling just around the Clareville area. Still, it was nice to be out on the water, and we did get in some workout battling the wind!

After a hearty fish and chips meal with the group, Jeff and I deliberated about whether to head straight home, or stop by Shelly Beach in Manly for a bit of a snorkel. Ultimately, we decided on the latter. Never mind that grey clouds still loomed threateningly overhead. We were already a bit damp anyway!

Awesome decision! The water was quite cold, and the visibility not the best, but we had a blast floating about anyway, looking at all the different species of fish and kelp we’re not familiar with. We saw a gigantic Eastern Blue Groper, a big flat head resting in the sand, a stingray nestled in the sand between the kelp, and a school of little fishes that swayed in the current just at the edge of the kelp. And, as we started finning our way back towards the beach, we spied a meter-long juvenile dusky whaler shark swimming out of the cove, in the direction of a group of shore divers we had just seen moments before. Hehe, both Jeff and I followed its movement with glee, then when it disappeared off into deeper waters, we broke above the surface to whoop and cheer.

Can’t wait to get back into the waters again next weekend!


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