Enjoying Aussie Wines

In our move, from Chicago to Singapore to Sydney temp housing, to our current rental, we have managed to lose our prized collection of waiter’s cockscrews. Boo! Pretty bumped about that, particularly since I had a beloved on that PS got me more than 10 years ago from him study abroad in Paris.

Ah well, on the bright side, Australian wines are mostly screw caps. And that’s mostly what we’ve been drinking. So we haven’t needed to utilize any of our implements at all.

It has been fun tasting our way through wines here. Our huge wine fridge from home has arrived, along with the rest of our furniture, but we’ve been guzzling down wine at a faster pace than we can load up, a good problem to have.

One recent night, we popped open a bottle of Pewsy Single Select Chardonnay, a full bodied, smooth and buttery liquid gold that was such a pleasure to wash down with homemade hearty chicken noodle soup.


I poured the dregs of it into the saucepan of mince pork and carrots, celery, garlics and onion. Then opened up a bottle of Holm Oak Pinot Noir from Tasmania to round off the dinner.


My favorite red, and I think I can say this unequivocally, is a silky smooth and soft and blush-red Pinot. With a heady bouquet of freshly turned wet earth, strawberries and chocolate covered cherries. It dances on your tongue, the wine; supple and vivacious. And the finish: quiet but lingering, and you wait for it to fade out before picking up the glass again. This Holm Oak Pinot, while it doesn’t quite get up there on my list of favorites, provides quite a bit of bang for the buck. Yummers.


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