Another dawn, Mahon Pool

April 2015 Mahon Pool Sunrise BW

We’ve moved to Sydney for 3 months now. In many ways, we’re loving it. Loving the plethora of outdoor opportunities, especially snorkeling and kayaking, activities we don’t get much of a chance to indulge in Chicago. While we haven’t made many new friends, we’re lucky to have friends and family in the city, and they’ve helped ease us in.

I won’t lie – last week was hard. Jeff’s been working crazy long hours at work, a situation we thought would improve now that he’s moved to the Asia office and can keep their hours. Meanwhile, I’ve been cooped up at home. I’m still working remotely for Chicago, but that will end this April. In the meantime, I’ve sent out countless of resumes. Job hunting has been a demoralizing experience so far, and it’s exhausting trying to keep my spirits up in the search.

So it was good that we got to go out this weekend. On Saturday, we visited the Pyrmont Fish Market, and on Sunday, we finally went down to La Perouse for a spot of snorkeling. Even with wetsuits on, the water’s cold! Visibility wasn’t the greatest, maybe 10 feet if that. But hey, I was glad to be outside.

This morning, I got up early for the sunrise, and drove to Mahon Pool. Alas, it was a little too cloudy. Nonetheless, I had fun watching the waves crash over the rocks; it’s hypnotizing. Although it was a brisk morning, there were several hardy souls doing laps in the rock pool – and in just their swimmers, sans wetsuits! I met a couple other photographers who were clambering over the rocks too, and we fell into conversation. One, a lady who is studying Chinese medicine, lives right by the water, and has a fantastic view of the coast from her apartment. Nonetheless, she’s out along the water’s edge every single sunrise. We exchanged numbers; she said to give her a ring the next time I was in the area. Another is an older man, a surfer type who walked around barefoot and with a woolen cap pulled low over his grizzly face. He showed me his surf and wave photography, and they are an inspiration.

April 2015 Mahon Pool Sunrise 1

And the sun did peek through the clouds, eventually.


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