No longer homeowners

It’s done. We closed on the sale of our condo in Chicago last week. The price was lower than we’d liked, but we no longer have to worry about it. The only “assets” we have left in Chicago is our wine collection. Haha.

Speaking of Chicago, the place we called home for so many years, people have asked, do you miss it? We miss our friends, certainly, but otherwise, not particularly. Food-wise, I still miss Singapore food, but as tasty as Chicago cuisine is, it doesn’t seem particularly distinctive.

Oh, the one thing I really do miss though, is Amazon Prime. I loved being able to shop online without having to step foot into stores – and getting my purchases shipped right to my doorstep the very next day!

We also do miss the heating in Chicago. As we enter winter here, mild as it is, our apartment gets pretty chilly. Our landlord has loaned us her spare gas heater, but we live in a two-storey townhouse; I’m skeptical the little thing can warm up the entire place!

Otherwise, I think we’ve fallen into a pretty comfortable routine. Tennis a couple times a week (if it doesn’t rain; for the nth time, why is it so wet here!?!?), and somewhere to explore on the weekends.

Last weekend, we joined a meetup photography meetup group at Mt Wilson in the Blue Mountains. Well, we were with the group for just a bit, but were taken aback how crowded Mt Wilson was with tourists visiting the myriad gardens, and so broke off from the group along with two others and went for a short stroll on our own.


Monday afternoon, I went up to one of the lower north beaches, Long Reef Beach, to practice my wave photography. Not much luck in that department. But the wind was nice and stiff, and there were a half dozen kite surfers out on the water. I watched them instead. They seemed a pretty friendly bunch, grinning for my camera whenever they washed up to shore. One guy asked if I could send him shots of him; more than happy to oblige especially since they happily let me practice on them! Got to chatting with another guy as he packed up for the day – he gave me some tips on how to kite surf (learn to fly a kite for at least 6 months first), and what wind and wave conditions to look out for.



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