One week in Maui

We recently got back from Maui, Hawaii. It was in part for a wedding, in part an excuse for a family vacation, and in part to satiate our diving craving.

Initially, I was nervous. Would everyone have fun? Or would everyone be left dissatisfied because we had to compromise on activities that suited everyone?

In the end, my anxieties were vastly misplaced. Everything worked out. Jeff and I managed some incredible diving before everyone else arrived. Our night dive at Makena Landing Point was standout: 17 turtles in one cave, a half dozen eels, some crabs – including one feasting on uni.

When my parents arrived, we saw a most breathtaking sunrise from the top of the Haleakala Crater, then took a helicopter ride along the coast of West Maui and Molokini in the afternoon. We also took a canoe outrigger outfitted with a sail out along Wailea, and managed a bit of snorkeling where we saw two turtles.

When Joe and his parents arrived, we snuck in a snorkel trip in the morning while his parents rested. It was my mum and Joe’s first time properly snorkeling, and they had an incredible time. Our guide, Ed Robinson, helped put them at ease and stayed with them the entire time while Jeff, my dad and I kind of did our own thing. We managed to spot a white mouth moray and an octopus too!

We also managed an afternoon drive along the road to Hana. Didn’t quite make it there though, but we did enough of the windy turns to give everyone a flavor of the tropical rainforests that hugged the east coast of Maui.

And we even tried surfing. Including my dad! We were lucky the waves were quite gentle, so it was relatively easy to get up on the board. Itching to go back out on the water again now, but not so much that we want to brave the more frigid waters in Sydney as we head into winter. Hehe.

Then it was to A&G’s wedding. It was a beautiful day to get married. It had rained the night before, so the morning was fresh and dewy. The ceremony was on a cliff overlooking the ocean, and lunch was a fantastic feast of seafood. We caught up with K&D who had flown out from Chicago too, which was fun.

And then, all too soon, the trip was over. But what a fun week!

Pictures here.


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