Looking ahead

Almost a half year in Sydney; how fast time flies!

New beginnings starting Tuesday. New job, new routine, new people, new friends. Somewhat nervous yes, but beyond excited.

It’s been a really educational and sometimes emotional experience looking for a new job. Initially, I had trouble even getting pings on my resume. But after many iterations, and many chats with different recruiters, the pings became more frequent. My delivery also became more focused, smoother. And as I honed in on my strengths, I developed a clearer idea of what I wanted to look for. Note to self: this is a really, really, really good exercise. It’s too easy to become comfortable, complacent, and lazy otherwise.

And so, as I look back, it’s been a good six months getting used to life in Sydney. The remote working forced me up at odd hours yes, but it also afforded me opportunities to explore Sydney and its surrounds in the evenings, at sunsets. I’ve had lots of fun experimenting with camera techniques, and just practicing my photography skills in general.

Here’s to another amazing half of 2015!


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