Long Weekend up at Avoca Beach with friends


All hail the queen! Hehe, thanks to her majesty’s birthday, we enjoyed a long weekend. Jeff’s boss let us use his beach house in Avoca Beach, so Jeff, P&S, and I drove up on Saturday afternoon.

S used to work part time as a chef years ago back when he was studying, so he designated himself head chef for the weekend. We were more than happy to comply: first rate lunches of salad and salmon (complete with crispy skin), and salad and steak, both of which we accompanied with wine.

It’s been a relaxing and fun getaway trip thus far. We went for a stroll post lunch yesterday, then watched the sunset before retreating indoors for movie night.

This morning, I woke up for the sunrise, then napped a bit while Jeff went for a run. Everyone then read or did some work till lunch.

Jeff and I even made it out to the water to try a bit of surfing. The waves here are bigger and more relentless than those we learned on in Hawaii, so it was mostly an hour and a half of getting slammed this way and that. But we both managed to get onto our knees and I even managed to stand a couple times for split seconds. Baby steps. Hehe.

Cherishing quiet moments like these. Especially since P&S will be moving all too soon!



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