Gourmet night in

imageOur friend Eric is visiting from the States, so this entire week, we’ve been eating out for dinner every night. To try compensate, I brought in lunch every day. Achievement unlocked! Hehe.

But tonight, we decided winter or no (which is really no considering how gorgeous the weather has been this week), we should give Eric the full Aussie experience and grill some dinner.

Since he was down at the Pyrmont Fish Market, he picked up a beautiful huge slab of barramundi. Jeff and I got some salad ingredients and sparkling wine by our local market. And boy oh boy, this meal matched some of the lux ones we’ve had this week!

The fish, marinated in soy, lemon, white wine vinegar, olive oil, and topped with freshly cracked black pepper, sea salt, ginger and onions, was divine. We wrapped it in foil and cooked it on the barbie. Greens with avocado and tomatoes on the side. Are the avocados in season right now! They were the most aromatic ones I’ve had! And a delightful lively sparkling from Yarra Valley.

So, cheers to good friends from afar, a beautiful (warm) winter day, delicious dinner and wine!




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