Surfing at Maroubra

Of all the weekends we had to sign up for a surfing lesson in Maroubra, we picked the coldest weekend yet. It was overcast, with a slight breeze, and quite nippy at 8 degrees C. But we donned our wetsuits on, and grit our teeth, and once we were in the water, it was actually quite OK.

This morning’s waves were the mildest we’ve seen at Maroubra, which worked to our favor. There weren’t many people in the water, and we had ample time to catch our breaths and properly line ourselves up. Our instructor, J, dished out good advice on how to read the rip tides, and tips on proper standing techniques (from plank, place my back foot first before sweeping out my front).

Beginning to get the hang of this. I managed to catch my own waves and come to standing for a good distance till I gently bumped onto land a few times. Now for more practice!


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