Of some of my favorite things


Sunday: Made Bar Chor Mee, or literally, vinegary pork noodles. It’s my favorite dish in Singapore, and I managed to make a tasty version of it, if I say so myself. The secret is in the chili and black vinegar. I.e. don’t skimp! In fact, I boasted about it enough to my friends so that now they’re somehow coming over for dinner to celebrate Singapore’s National Day. Hehe.

Monday: Caught La Traviata at the Sydney Opera House. It’s one of my favorite, favorite operas. Glorious music from start to finish. And even Jeff stayed awake the entire evening without me needing to nudge him in the ribs! We both agreed: The set was sumptuous and intricately thought out; Jose Carbo as Giorgio Germont stole the evening. We weren’t that big fans of the other two leads, especially when compared (perhaps unfairly, but let’s just say, she was the most believable singing Violetta at the end heh) to the others we’ve seen in the role. Superb evening though. I came into work today still high from the beautiful pieces and erm, subjected to my coworkers some arias on the office music intercom (but it sounds way better than some of the shit I’ve had to grind my teeth through!).


One thought on “Of some of my favorite things

  1. That looks so amazing! So different from the sort of thing I normally make for myself that I can’t imagine making something similar on my own, but it looks delicious!

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