Happy SG50


Last night, we had a bunch of Singaporean friends over for dinner. Made chicken satay and bak chor mee, my cousin brought mini durian ice cream mooncakes, TPR brought ang ku kueh and kueh dadar, and another friend hand carried Old Chang Kee fish balls and curry puffs all the way back from Singapore!

Great evening of much fun and good companionship. I’m really going to miss TPR when she moves.

In my last post, I’d said that I don’t consider Singapore to be home anymore. And I don’t really. It’s hard to, when the city changes faster than I can keep up with every time I go back, and old friends are now living out their own very different lives.

Still, you can take a girl out of Singapore, but you can’t take Singapore out of her. Only with Singaporeans can you develop instant camaraderie over food, and engage in endless debates on the best spots for specific cheap eats – point me to another country where its citizens reminisce over diner-type food – whilst stuffing our faces over a meal. And I do love it when I can break out into random bursts of Singlish, and everyone understands me perfectly!

Happy birthday Singapore!


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