Weekend of the broken glass

Incident Number 1:

Serves me right for bushwalking in flip flops, or as Aussies say it, thongs. In my defense, I didn’t think I would be scrambling about in the bushes, just kicking up sand by the beach. But the sea was flat, so and Sydney Harbor National Park was just around the corner, so off I went.

I was doing so well, bouldering up big and slightly wet rocks, camera slung off shoulder. But then I came to a boardwalk. It was a somewhat sandy, but dry, and led up to an old bunker. Curiosity piqued, I started to go towards it, but then changed my mind when I felt the smoothness of the boardwalk. But when I turned around to head back to the fire trail, one foot slipped from underneath me and I sat heavily on my ass. I was fine, but my camera cap had been knocked off from the impact and I could see that the camera was half covered in sand. And when I raised the lens to inspect the surface, my heart sank. A good-size chunk of glass had been chipped off. 😦

You know what though? From what I can tell from my test shots taken after the fact, I don’t think the picture quality is affected. I can’t detect any blemishes! Fingers crossed though, because I haven’t test it by taking a photo into direct sunlight. Hopefully there’s no glare. But oh my heart. It’s a brand new lens, only on its second outing!

August 2015 Spring Weekend Manly and Muogamarra Reserve (1 of 65)-1

August 2015 Spring Weekend Manly and Muogamarra Reserve (22 of 65)-1

August 2015 Spring Weekend Manly and Muogamarra Reserve (55 of 65)-1

Incident Number 2:

I don’t normally bring my phone into the bathroom with me. That’s a Jeff thing. But I did this morning, and when I placed the phone on top of some clothes on the laundry hamper, it slid off before I could react. It hit the floor at an angle, and straight away my heart sank, again. And now it looks like Jeff’s phone – the bottom right corner like a spreading spider web. 😦


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