Three Sisters Blue Mountains (1 of 1)

If it is possible to miss someone before they have even left, then I miss you already. I miss your laughter, part snigger part chuckle. Your chirpy voice, bright like a ray of sunshine even on wet and gloomy days. The long, indulgent meals we have partaken in, and the meandering walks we have taken.

True, you will be as ever just a text away, but your replies won’t be as immediate, separated as we will be by miles and hours. No more impromptu lunch dates, dinner get togethers, drinks, or strolls in the parks.

I wish you weren’t leaving. But of course, it is time for you both to seek out new pastures, milestones. I should know, being one who itches to move every few years. Still, it never is easy to say goodbye, even if we are both certified veterans at it.

I am so very grateful for Jeff’s job that has led us here to Sydney, for this past nine months’ reunion. Thank you for introducing us to the different neighborhoods of the city, for making the transition that much easier, making this foreign land a lot less lonely, a lot more warm. Thank you for our long years of friendship (omg, more than 2 decades now to be startlingly exact), for the growing up we learnt together as we navigated our way through school, heartache, pain, love, marriage. Through life.

It brings a smile to my face every time I think about the adventures we have gotten on these past years: visits to Chicago, road trip to LA, and then to Napa. To Tioman, Oregon, DC, London and Scotland, Redang, and New Zealand, traipsing about Singapore (and these links too), and the various short trips we’ve taken in and around Australia. Here’s to more travels, many, many more, even with the kids that may inevitably come. Hah. Here’s to growing older together.

But before then, here’s to the precious couple weeks we have left in Sydney together.


Scotland 2007 with TPR


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