Milsons Point to Manly Walk

When we met up at Milsons Point station, we could see thick, fast streaming clouds overhead. No matter. It wasn’t raining, the temperatures were mild, and we were going to walk!

Not 20 minutes our walk to Mosman however, the heavens opened up. Happily, we were on Military Road, where there were shopping centers aplenty that we could duck into to ride out the weather. We didn’t have long to wait. As soon as the rain slowed to a drizzle, we were marching off again, towards Balmoral Beach.

By the time we arrived at Balmoral though, we had clear blue skies overhead and I had to stuff my jacket into my backpack.
And the skies remained clear the rest of our way, as we crossed Spit Bridge and hugged the coastal trail to Manly! In fact, we both weren’t expecting the sun, and so hadn’t slathered (much, in TPR’s case) sunscreen, and ended up a little burnt.

My friends who have previously done the Spit walk were right – this definitely ranks as my favorite trail in Sydney, ahead of Bondi. For one, the scenery is a lot more varied. We cut our way through bushes, across rocky terrain, and climbed up and down steep hillside sections to sudden vistas of the Gap. We could see the neighborhoods of Manly to the north and Vaulculse to the south, and all the squiggly dramatic coastlines of Sydney. But we mostly had the trails to ourselves, and felt in nature, far away from the bustling streets.


We felt we had earned a well deserved lunch after our long walk, later mapped out to around 21.5km. 🙂 And so treated ourselves to a lip-smacking meal of corn and sweet potato fritters and salmon, washed down with refreshing glasses of mojito and cider.

Best way to spend what turned out to be a beautiful spring day with one of my oldest, bestest friends. Thank you, TPR.

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 8.31.11 PM

Our 21km + route. 😀


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