The cool breeze tousled her hair as she opened the car door and stepped out. Pulling her camera from the car, she straightened and zipped up her jacket to the chin.

It was not yet light, but soon. Already, the low clouds overhead were awash in hues of deep purple. She slipped her headlamp onto her head, flicked it on, and stepped towards the beach, her uncovered toes curling involuntarily from the cold, fine sand.

She smiled as she breathed in, deeply, the salty ocean spray. The waves were decent-sized this morning, about 3-4 feet high, and breaking close to shore. Squinting, she could make out a dark shadow in the grey surf. Some surfer was already out catching waves.

In the horizon, the sky was turning a lighter shade of purple, now suffused with pink and orange. As she glanced down the length of the beach, she could see small clusters of black-clad surfers emerging from the brush, long boards tucked under their arms. Some dropped the boards onto the sand to do a bit of last minute stretching, or to suit up. Others simply broke out into a run, tossing the board flat in front of them as they hit the water, and throwing their weight onto it to start paddling past the break.

She grinned this time, a wide toothy smile, and lifted her camera, in anticipation of catching the surfers ride the waves. While she didn’t really have the desire to plunge into that freezing froth herself – that thought made her shiver – it always cheered her up to watch others. What better way to greet the start of a new day, and one that was appearing to be a beautiful one?

The sun, an incandescent ball of golden light, broke through the horizon now. She snapped away, finger constantly depressing the shutter button of surfers stark black against the blue of the ocean and the red orange sky.

The sun was rising quickly now, and the waters took on first a deep emerald green, then the waves turned almost translucent golden-green as the rays from the sun shone through them.

When the sun was high in the now blue sky, she heeded the growl in her stomach and finally dropped the camera to her side. Another gorgeous start to the day. Now for some breakfast and perhaps a bit of a nap.


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