Sydney with My Singapore Family

One of the best thing about moving to Sydney is that my family in Singapore is that much closer now, a fact that I didn’t truly appreciate until this past week, when 12 friends and family flew over to celebrate my grandpa’s 90th birthday in style – by skydiving! 17 of us jumped out of an airplane to accompany my grandpa’s 4th attempt, and for 11 of us, it was their first time!

Other highlights:
1. Long weekend in Kiama – we broke out our Oru kayaks for the first time, and in bigger news, my brother proposed! Jeff and I were there to help capture the moment (so was my mum, with her powerful zoom from a few hundred meters away!)


2. On Saturday, before driving down to Wollongong to skydive, Jeff, my aunt and I headed over to Curl Curl for the sunrise. Hehe it’s my favorite beach, and I managed to get most everyone to visit (albeit on different days this week)



Half our skydiving group

The whole group

Grandpa on his Singapore Record dive


3. We also went whale watching, just outside the Sydney Harbour. It was a relatively calm morning, but about half our group succumbed to sea sickness. A couple actually declared that they would rather jump out of another airplane than board another boat…

Bellies full after a huge BBQ at our place. Loved seeing our place so full or warmth and laughter


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