Relay racing


We had plans to go kayaking this weekend, but the weather was uncooperative. Could have still gone, I guess, but we used the excuse to just relax at home, watch all the Gotham episodes we could, did some shopping, and finally gave our car a long overdue car wash.

I did go out and join my company for a relay race Sunday morning in Mosman. Kayaking, running, swimming, and standup paddle boarding. I took the standup paddle boarding leg, even though I’d only tried it a couple other times before. Haha, I’d forgotten that the sport is pretty popular here, given all the surfing people get up to. No matter though, all in good fun. We were supposed to paddle 1km, but the windy conditions made for tough paddling, so the organizers shortened the course. Still, I was quite winded by the time I got out of the water and joined my team to run through the finish line.


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