Yay for kayak netball


Crazy weather Friday. Temperatures rose to 42 degrees C. It had been 33 degrees C the day before, but the breeze still felt cool, so I thought, how bad could 42 be? Boy, the air was oppressive. The breeze that hit felt like the blast from from opening the oven. To top it off, the office air conditioning wasn’t functioning.

So it was with a huge sigh of relief that I finally got out of work and made it down to Lavender Bay for some kayak netball. Anything to cool off in the water.

Good game as usual though. And in the span of the hour of the game, the temperatures dropped 20 degrees. It was incredible.

Afterwards, we packed up and then hung around the bay, content to bask in the cooled breeze against the backdrop of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the screams from the rides at Luna Park. We knocked back a few beers before thinking that it may be good to get some food. But loathe as we were to leave the park, we called for some pizza to be delivered, then past the time playing some tug of war and drinking some more beers.

Fun times. 🙂


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