This is home


We squeezed in an early morning paddle Monday before work. I kept yawning through the first half of the paddle, but in truth, it was good to be out on the water since we stayed on land the whole weekend.

Speaking of, we had a good one. We strolled from Crows Nest all the way to the Rocks, then spent the afternoon wandering around with a friend, alternately eating and drinking and checking out the market. Our friend Gary brought us to Hotel Palisades, a newly remodeled rooftop bar by Barangaroo which offered killer negronis and views.

On Sunday, we got in our Christmas shopping. Haha I don’t think I’ve shopped for presents in person in years. The past years, I’ve just hopped into That remains the one thing I miss most about the States. In the evening, we went back to the Rocks again, this time to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

We’re settling in. 🙂 Only, fingers crossed our landlord doesn’t decide to move back in herself. We love our place and neighborhood.


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