Quiet Weekend In

Once in a while I suppose, we could do with a weekend of doing close to nothing. To be honest though, I didn’t find it quite therapeutic, only very lethargic.

We did start it off with some kayak netball fun Friday evening, then retired home to episodes of Modern Family.

On Saturday morning, we awoke full of hope of finding a great new apartment to live in next year since our landlord is showing all indications of wanting to move back in after our lease ends. However, after a morning walking all around the neighborhood in the hot sun, we just got grumpy and despondent. An attempt at tennis in the afternoon after months of not playing didn’t really help matters much either. Haha.

Our plan Sunday morning was ambitious, a 20km roundtrip paddle to Taronga Zoo. But I couldn’t find the energy to climb out of bed when my alarm rang at 5am. Nor at 930am after I’d gotten out momentarily to scarf down a bit of breakfast. In fact, I ended up sleeping pretty much most of the day away, save a short jaunt out to get some meat for the barbie, and a bit of time in front of the computer planning out our winery and kayaking escapades down south.

One bright spark was spending some time on the couch with a bit of opera: Macbeth with Lucic/Netrebko/Pape/Calleja and La Boheme with Netrebko/Villazon.

Here’s to a more productive week ahead!


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