Exploring the Sapphire Coast


We left Melbourne on the 28th of December, and drove up the coast, stopping at Tathra on the northern end of the Sapphire Coast for a couple days. We’re not beach people, as in, we don’t get the appeal of lying on the sand in the sun all day to tan. We do love beaches though, for sunsets and sunrises, for feeling the cold water tickle our feet and listening to the sound of waves crashing onto shore.

And of course for the paddling opportunities! Actually, although the waters were relatively flat on the coast, the surf was strong enough to deter us from trying to break through. We’re competent enough in the kayaks, but not enough to roll or attempt self rescue in surf! Happily, the windy Bega River that opens up to the coast provided hours of satisfying exploration.

We spent a leisurely 5 hours the next day going up its length, and enjoyed the peacefulness of it all, the rustle of breeze on the grass on the banks, the chirping of cicadas in the bushes and cries of birds in the trees. The calm was broken occasionally by the one or two boats towing along water skiers, but otherwise all was quiet.



We couldn’t have asked for better summer weather. Warm in the day under the intense blue skies, but cool temperatures in the evening to sleep in.


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