Snorkeling and Kayaking at Jervis Bay

After we left Tathra, we continued up the coast to Jervis Bay where we spent the night. Given its proximity to Sydney, we have to go back again, but this was a good teaser for what we could expect.

On recommendation of our Airbnb hosts, we drove to Honeymoon Bay on the northern end of Jervis Bay for a spot of snorkeling away from the crowds. The water was a little chilly in our rashguards and shorts, but we still had an incredible time. Jeff spotted a woebbegone shark sleeping between some rocks – our first sighting! Yay! And as we were about to turn back into the bay to warm up in the sun, along came a pod of dolphins! While they didn’t quite come right up to us, they were only about 10-15 feet away, and did a couple passes before continuing their merry way south.



We also stopped by Hyams Beach, supposedly the whitest sand beach in the world, to catch the last of the sun setting. The sand indeed was quite white and fine. Didn’t get a glimpse of any sharks though the coast guards shut the beach the next day because of more than a dozen shark sightings. Exciting!



The morning of new year’s eve, we squeezed in a 8.5km paddle before we headed back to Sydney. When we launched from Callala Beach, the water was calm, glassy, and we effortlessly glided down to Myola Beach, our eyes peeled for another pod of dolphins or sharks. The winds and current picked up as we turned around though, and it was frankly quite a battle to get back. Pity the kayakers preparing to launch just as we pulled back up the beach!




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