Snorkeling in Clovelly

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 11.08.58 PM

Second day of 2016: we made it down to snorkel in Clovelly. Finally. We should have gone earlier, waaaay earlier! The visibility was the best yet of all the different spots we’ve been to thus far. Ok, not that many, but: Shelly beach in Manly, La Perouse, Honeymoon Bay in Jervis Bay. Not only was the visibility surprisingly good for the size of the crowd that was there, there was SO much aquatic life to ogle at!

From breams to silver sweeps to the crimson banded wrasse to the three giant resident blue groupers. One free diver whom I bopped up right next to after following the above blue grouper for around filming also pointed us to a sleeping woebbegone shark between some rock ledges in the deeper side of the Clovelly cove.


Yay, I’ve a rare photo of me on the other side of the camera, courtesy of Jeff filming a video from above.

What fun! So glad we decided to pull on our wetsuits too, even though apart from the small group of free divers, everyone else was in their swimmers. The water WAS BRISK!



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