Wine Tasting in Yarra Valley

Just doing a bit of spring cleaning, and found these wine notes from our recent trip down to Yarra Valley. Missing the notes from Tarrawarra though, but better than nothing. Really good wines overall! We were quite impressed by the breadth and quality. Some really delicious Chardonnays, and Roussannes. Red wise the Pinots were good, as were a couple of Cabernet Sauvignons. 😀 We didn’t buy too many though, since it was summer and we had to drive back to Sydney, and were stopping along the coast for a few days.



Oakridge Local Vineyard Series

2013 Fumare – Guerin & Oakridge Vineyards $32: Nice acidity with rounded finish. Pretty clean

2014 Arneis – Murrummong Vineyard $26: Fermented on skin. Oilier on palate. Herbaceous on nose. Very bright, should be good with food

2012 Chardonnay – Guerin Vineyard $36: Volcanic soil, 11 months in oak. Stinky; good with some cheese / pasta

2014 Chardonnay – Willowlake Vineyard $36: Not as stinky as the Guerin Chardonnay. So much lighter, easy to drink on own

2013 Pinot Noir – Willowlake Vineyard $36: Color is somewhat brown. Not bad

2014 Pinot Noir – Willowlake Vineyard $36: Sharper nose than the 2013, brighter, more tannins

2013 Cabernet Sauvignon – Oakridge Vineyard $36: Raisins, no stems in nose but in mouthfeel. Tannins

864 Single Block

2012 Chardonnay – Funder & Diamond Vineyard, Drive Block $75: Stinky nose, acidic body but finish is kinda meh. Just falls off. Tasting room guy said maybe it’s going through a dumb phase

2013 Chardonnay – Funder & Diamond, Drive Block $75: some funk, but stone fruit, bright finish. Smoky, fuller body

2012 Syrah – Oakridge, Winery Block $75: nice finish, more elegant than the 2014 Shiraz

2012 Cabernet Sauvignon – Oakridge Vineyard, Winery Block $75: Good backbone


Yering Station

Large winery with enormous tasting room. We were served by a guy who didn’t know much, if anything about wines. It was his first day on the job. When we asked him what grapes made up the sparkling he poured us, he nervously said, um watermelons? That said, the lineup was yummy.

NV Creme de Cuvee $30: Yummy, not too acidic. Off dry, round finish. We picked up a bottle to ring in the new year with.

2013 Marsanne $24: Linestome, some nuttiness, beautiful round finish. Full bodied. Picked up a bottle too

2012 Village Chardonnay $24: Butterscotch. Nice wood, rounded. Nice acidity

2010 MVR $28: Stinky, a bit bitter

2011 Estate Chardonnay $38: More acidity in the mouth than in the Village Chardonnay. But nice big finish, more grapefruit.

2012 Village Pinot Noir: Nice. Good nose, body. Smooth tannins, but the finish was just a bit thin.

2014 Estate Pinot Noir $40: Good nose, nice body, spicy finish. Mmm. Jeff deemed it a gentle wine

2013 Nebbiolo $30: Grippy tannins, fruit in the front

2012 Shiraz Viognier Estate $40: Fruit, tannins, aromatic

2013 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon $40: Eucalyptus! Strawberries. Spice. Yum!!


St Huberts

2010 Blanc de Noir $39: Yeasty. Small bubbles, bit toasty

2015 St Huberts Roussane $33: Yeasty nose, aromatic, lively, rich, citrusy

2014 St Huberts Chardonnay $27: Buttery, figs, pineapple

2013 St Huberts Pinot Noir $33: Spicy nose, more elegant fish and mouthfeel than the 2015. Some tannins

2012 St Huberts Cabernet Merlot $27: Sweet, jammy. Raisiny. Also tasted the 2014, which was even sweeter!

2013 St Huberts Cabernet Sauvignon $39: Raisiny, rich. Not too hot / tannic

2015 St Huberts Late Pick Viognier – 375ml $30: Hard not to love a late harvest viognier. Yum!


Coldstream Hills

2012 Sparkling Pinot Noir Chardonnay $35: Acidic, big bubbles, yeasty

2013 Sauvignon Blanc $33: Apples, bit bitter in the finish

2014 Chardonnay $35: Good aroma. Bit punchy in the mouth, bit bitter

2014 Pinot Noir $35: Strawberries. Bright light color. Good nose. Could be softer in the finish

2011 Deer Farm Vineyard Chardonnay $50: More subtle nose. More acidic. Cooler site

2014 Rising Vineyard Chardonnay $45: Asparagus. Acidic, but not as much as the Deer Farm

2014 Reserve Chardonnay $60: So good. Great nose. Beautiful acidity. Nicely rounded. Definitely an ageable wine

2013 Reserve Shiraz $60: Sweet, tannins, heat.


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