Social weekend

One of our more social weekends to date. Haha. Well if started with errands – we are moving house in a couple weeks!

Saturday afternoon, the rain clouds more or less held, so some friends came over for tennis. We were more or less playing at the same (low) level, so it made for a fun three hours of much laughter and ball chasing. After, everyone trooped back to our place and we whipped up some vegetarian dishes, aided by the dependable Marley Spoon. Then out came the board games, drinks, and raucous laughter that somehow extended till the wee hours of the night.


Oof, had probably too much to drink, first time in a long while. I pretty much had to nap the whole day Sunday, outside of the lunch we had with Donny downtown; he had just flown into Sydney to go up to Newcastle for work, and happily managed to catch up with him.

In the evening, we hosted another group of friends for dinner, but took it way easier on the wine this time. Haha the five of us couldn’t even finish the bottle! It didn’t affect the quality of the conversation though, which somehow ranged from whale exploding to squatty potties. You just had to be there I guess.


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