Pool party weekend


This past weekend, we rented a house with some friends up near Hunter Valley, to properly celebrate one of our mate’s 30th birthday. After quite a bit of back and forth trying to find a house close enough to Sydney and comfortably big enough for 11 people, and then tussling with the rental company on payment and bonds, we had a grand time.

Because the house was literally in woop woop (Aussie speak for middle of nowhere), and because the skies cooperated, we were afforded amazing views of the milky way and stars. Both nights, even while fighting to keep awake after full days, we lay by the poolside and just gazed in wonder upwards, counting the dozens of shooting stars that streaked across the sky.



L, V, and I managed to rouse ourselves early the next morning to catch the sun rise, only to see a landscape shrouded in heavy mist. No matter, we did catch a glimpse of a red bushy-tailed fox bounding away from the house. Pretty neat!

In the day, after an amazing frittata breakfast L whipped up, we drove over to Hunter Valley proper and visited a couple of vineyards, Tulloch and Hope, enough to satiate our thirst. Then it was back to the house to start the pool party proper. 🙂 Jeff and I strung up our slack line (not used in a year) across the pool, and then we just lounged in the water for the next 4 hours, valiantly trying and failing to walk across the line while half submerged in water, and tossing around a ball.


Amazing bbq spread for dinner, then more star gazing. And since I suddenly woke up at 3am and couldn’t quite fall back asleep, I went out to the garden and played some more with astrophotography.




Before we left the next morning, a few of us jumped into the pool again, for a mini tea party. The rental company had worried about our wanting to host a pool party – who the hell rents a house with a pool and play scrabble by it anyway? – so we wanted a few pictures to show that we were very much sedate guests. 😉


Anyway, great weekend, capped off with a stopover by Pearl Beach in Gosford to polish off more of our BBQ leftovers.


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