Learning flash 101

Gah, super humid weather today, after a series of gorgeous weekdays. It was all overcast this morning too, so we had no idea which way the weather would go. Well the rains held, but it didn’t seem quite worth the drive down south for a spot of snorkeling.

So, no better time to bust out the flash for a bit of flash 101. Flashes make me nervous, because I’ve no idea how to control artificial light. There are too many variations: the power of the artificial light, the ambient exposure, the angle of the artificial light, the hardness etc. Oy.

But I’ve seen so many inspiring shots with what a bit of light can do, both on land and underwater. So here we go.

Rather than subject Jeff with endless hours of trial and error, I’ve chosen a more passive subject for now. Here’s a couple shots of BB8 on one of our dining chairs. The only variant is slowing down the shutter speed to darken the background some. 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 2.04.51 PM.png

Next exercise: use Jeff as a test subject, and turn the angle of the flash to play with the light fall off on the background.


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