Seriously, just how many people does it take to fix a stove in Australia

So angry. It’s been 3 weeks since our stove broke. THREE FUCKING WEEKS. And it’s still not repaired. So far:
1. We checked with energy company that gas is included with strata
2. We checked with strata that gas is working
3. We contacted leasing agent to get a repairman
4. Agent had to follow protocol and contact strata himself
5. Agent contacted plumber to come in
6. Plumber came in, confirmed that gas was coming in, but that stove top was down
7. Agent had to contact the appliance guy to come in
8. Appliance guy came, confirmed that stove was down and needed to be repaired
9. Agent got quotes. Owner got leery of the quotation and wanted more quotations, including checking with prior owner whether stove is still under warranty
10. Got confirmation that stove is out of warranty. Owner decided to buy a new stove top. Agent went to get more quotations
11. Agent got sign off on quotation. Purchased the stove. Supposedly, since we haven’t heard from the installation guy
12. More back and forth with agent – we’re trying to get him to give us the installer’s contact number and quotation number so we can cut out the middleman and do the work ourselves


Meanwhile, couple other outstanding items on the move-in checklist still has not been addressed.


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