Weekend traipsing around Sydney and its surrounds




Good thing we ignored the dismal weather forecast for Saturday and set our alarms for an early morning start at 530am anyway. When we awoke, I peered out the window at partly cloudy skies, with the stars twinkling merrily through. Beat it up to North Curl Curl Beach, where there were about a dozen photographers dispersed about already. It wasn’t yet high tide, not for a few more hours, but the remnants of the cyclone that had recently ravaged Fiji was still showing its might, sending huge swells crashing over the edge of the rock pool that Jeff gamely dipped into. I was busy taking photos, but Chris and T would have none of the swimming. Too cold, they said, and instead contented with watching the sun cast rays down onto the surf.

Afterwards, we tucked into a hearty breakfast at a cafe down the street and explored bits and pieces of the North Sydney Harbor National Park and the Spit to Manly trail. It was fun showing Chris, visiting from Chicago, the gorgeousness that is Sydney, as well as to drink in sights that we have not seen ourselves.

Ended the excursion with some chilled spicy ginger beer, a dip in the pool, and some hearty burgers. Ah summer. Can’t believe today is officially the start of autumn already here in the southern hemisphere.

Early Sunday morning, we whipped up some omlettes on the barbie – the saga with the stove unfortunately is still ongoing – then enjoyed it out on the patio. Love relaxing mornings such as this. Then we packed up some sandwiches, cheeses, and fruit, and headed out to Blue Mountains for a spot of hiking.



Squeezed in two hikes in Blackheath, one going down to Bridal Veil Falls, where the cooling mist rejuvenated us for the hot climb back up to the top of the ridge. Following a yummy picnic, we then checked out the walk at Shipley Plateau, and the few climbers who were braving the scorching hot rocks. Looking at then, Jeff’s itching to get back to climbing again; reckon we will have to suck it up and hit the muggy gyms soon to get in some practice.







Great weekend all in all. 🙂


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