Sunrise paddle with Chris

Chris and I tried bringing our own kayaks out last Friday. But even as we were building the kayaks, we could hear the wind howling and gusting about us. We decided to give it a shot anyway, and launched the kayaks in the jetty.

But boy oh boy, even though the waves weren’t that big, the winds were some of the strongest I’d experienced on the water yet. After a half hour of just battling to get out of the cove we were in, I decided it might be more prudent to call it quits.

Happily, Chris had so much fun exploring the city, she extended her stay in Sydney by a few days, so we were able to try catching the sun rise over the Opera House again this morning, this time with Laura’s Sydney by Kayak outfit.

Excellent conditions this morning. 😀 Haha and Chris sure got her fill of the view of Sydney Harbor Bridge, given that we were just at Lavender Bay a mere 12 hours before too, playing kayak netball.









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