Berowra Waters Hiking

Our group’s hiking scorecard to date:
1) Bouddi National Park Walk: Supposed to end at McMasters Beach, we turned around at Little Beach (14km walk). Shortened the walk in favor of eating and drinking. (0/1)

2) Mt Kosciuszko: Supposed to do the 18km trail, we maybe did 5km if even. The weather felled us, so we decided to eat and drink instead. (0/2)

3) Kangaroo Valley: The directions on the map we had was flat out wrong. So we did a steep 12km trail instead of the 16km trail we’d ear marked. The wine post-hike at our camp site was stupendous though. (0/3)

4) Berowra Waters: We were supposed to do the 16km walk from Galston Gorge to Berowra Waters, but after laughing at 2 dudes we met on the trail who had somehow managed to walk a loop back to Galston Gorge, we ended up doing the same exact thing. Karma. Then, we decided to just drive to the end of the trail at Berowra Waters and walk part of the trail from the end. And half an hour in, we managed to get off trail and had spend the next hour bush whacking our way back out to freedom. Maybe 10km. But the post-hike food and drinks made up for it. (0/4)

At least the company and food / wine / cocktails were good.



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